Details on services

Virtual Design Service

This service is intended as consultation and to help provide you with the resources and tools to for the design process.  Depending on how much hands on you want to be in executing your design we can certainly help.  All of our services can be found on our Service tab or you can contact us for more information.

Full Design Service

Our full design service is a complete turn key experience.  It involves many steps through the design process before executing the design.  This is the typical service we provide in person.  We are onsite for the services we provide to take measurments, invintory, pictures, estimating, and installation.

As a designer we ask questions in identifying who our clients really are in creating a space or home that reflects them and their needs.  Such questions like, What kind of personality do they have?  What are their odd preferences and quirks?  What color makes them feel happy when they wake up in the morning?  The designer needs to be able to describe their clients' daily lifstyle, as well as how they like to entertain guests and a host of other details.

The work we provide is filled with myriad details and tasks, many of which are unseen.  This is one of the benifits in using a designer rather than trying to take on this role yourself.  We save you time, stress, and money from making mistakes or forgetting something along the way.  Many things can go wrong during the process of remodeling that occur outside of ones control, such as scheduling conflicts, damaged product from shipping, to back ordered product.  We take the stress out of your hands and fix these issues accordingly, most of which is done behind the scene.   

To help our clients visualize the end result, we provide the latest technology to show you the selections we make with CAD drawings and computerized 3D renderings.  This give you comfort in the selections made that they look amazing in your home.  This also allows us to show you the optimal design layout of furnishings, artwork and window treatments to name a few items.


We will walk through a home with you and your realtor that you may be thinking about purchasing and assist in helping you visualize remodeling that home to meet your lifestyle.  We have a General contractor and many trades people that help to make your remodel a success.


We provide a full service design team.

We have a General Contractor as part of out staff that can help along with our design team to work with you and your architect to plan and build your dream home.

Our design team will then take your ideas and put it all on paper and then make it a reality.  Let us show you how.