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Our Mission


The basis of any interior designer is to create a space that represents it occupants.  Designed to accommodate their style, needs, and budget.  


To enhance your quality of life through the spaces in which we design for you.  We understand that the look and feel of your home and workplace can affect your behavior, attitude, and sense of well-being. We take the time to truly listen to your needs, to fully understand your lifestyle, and to intuitively tap into your vision.  


We strive to make you feel special, acknowledged, and appreciated. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, professional and ethical while developing strong relationships with you. So not only will we exceed your expectations in terms of design, we will also exceed your expectations in terms of service.

Presenting "True Design Time"


Maria from Maria Charmaine Designs and expert guests within construction trades and home furnishings explain the importance and benefits of working with a designer through the process of a home renovation or new construction.  We also want to educate our listeners on general information regarding interior designing when remodeling an existing home or building a new one.  Click on the links below to hear our podcast episodes.  Check back for monthly updates and new podcast content.  If you have any questions, suggestions or comments regarding the podcasts, please email us at info@mariacharmainedesigns.com.  


Our Commitment to Our Clients...


We understand there are numerous interior designers and decorators in Naples, Florida and Southwest Florida in general.  What separates us apart from the others are our values and commitments to our clients. 

We will responsibly guide you through every aspect of the design process.  

We will guard your privacy and protect your personal space.

We will communicate frequently and with the method you prefer.

We will design your interior to be timeless, sustainable, efficient, and beautiful.

We will select products for their aesthetics, appropriateness, and durability. 

We will recommend reputable and responsible manufacturers and contractors to execute our designs.

We will manage your project with professionalism, respect, and above all integrity. 

We will be completely honest with you even if it isn't what you want to hear.